Subject: These foolish things, II
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 17:59:17 -0400
From: Paul Dickins <>
Organization: mattoid, INK
To: , , and others


Here is another interesting fact. Something that I inadvertently left off my original message.
When I was at the Champlain field, Jeff, the player who received the caution in the previous game, who yelled "Shut the fuck up" * to his players in the second game, said plainly to me that what I showed him was a starter pistol. And he laughed.
Given the mock friendship shown me by the Internationals SRII team, I suspect that that statement was not, repeat not, present in the letter(s) of complaint sent to the OCSL.
So, here is another complaint, with adulterated content, allied to the Referee Report from J. Dowey, that the League will doubtless stand by when challenged about veracity of reports in general. Wonderful how knee jerk reactions by bureaucrats can misfire.
Conclusions are inescapable,
Paul Dickins : Class 1 Referee, Assessor, sometime Instructor and experienced player.

* And not carded, because I recognised his intent. He did want his players to keep quiet. (I had told both the captains to control their players, and the International, Jeff again, wholeheartedly wanted to keep his teammates on the field.) Not that the Lynwood team members failed to take exception. Their manager was atrocious, at one time late in the game, for example, standing in the way of an International player trying to take a throw-in. Laughable.