Subject: These foolish things, III
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 23:13:43 -0400
From: Paul Dickins <>
Organization: mattoid, INK
To: , , and others


Dear Ms Keith,
Thank you for your letter. I am looking forward to meeting some of my protagonists in person on October 5th. I will, I am sure, be allowed to fully document the meeting. Tape recorder and video camera, if you don't mind (Well, they did, and thereby hangs another tale). And a third party to witness the event.
There are two problems with your decision, both a result of parochial thought.
One, there has been a failure to recognise and remedy the incompetence of the EODSA in several incidents that I have discovered and documented and shall shortly start posting on the Internet. Free speech, don'tcha know.
Second, you have failed to recognise that I have, through the Internet, an easy method of discovering further incidents of incompetence, malice aforethought, and other unfortunate occurrences promulgated by your august selves.
It is plain, that the EODSA and the OCSL have, in this small, backward area of Ontario, committed blunder after blunder. And that has not been my opinion, but the opinion of many of the sadly suffering members of various bodies that come under your aegis. I speak of players, referees and coaches.
I have evidence from all three bodies. I can hardly believe some of the stories that have been related to me. Nowhere else in Canada, let alone Europe, would such incompetence and malice have been tolerated.
My previous emails should give you an inkling of what I can easily provoke.
You think I can't, watch out, the day is young. You think that there is not a profound and widely felt disenchantment with your particular organisations that I can't use to have your committees purged, take great care. I am new here, but what I have seen so far has offended me deeply as a person who wholeheartedly loves the game of football. And who possesses an abhorrence towards injustice.
Of course, should my licence to referee, following the hearing, actually be revoked, I will have even more time to pursue my inclinations. Oh, what fun!
Something to do whilst I remain unemployed!
Yours in anticipation,
Paul Dickins
Computer technology and Association Football