Subject: These foolish things, IV
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 20:48:37 -0400
From: Paul Dickins <>
Organization: mattoid, INK
To: , , and others.
Hi All,
Interesting time at the hearing this evening.
But, typically, not one of those present had the decency to tell me that they had contacted the Ottawa-Carleton Constabulary prior to my visit to Metcalfe Street. I had a visit this evening from two officers just after I had arrived home. They, quite simply, have decided to destroy the complaint about the starter pistol (which they took away for destruction) because they understood my reasoning for the event. Not that they necessarilly approved of my actions.
They were apprised of the jocular atmosphere on the Ottawa Internationals part on the evening concerned. And they understood that I wouldn't have accosted or met the team members had I had any fear of reprisal.
Given that the letter from the Ottawa Internationals was acted upon by the EODSA before its contents could be verified by me shows malice, wouldn't you think?
The email that the Constabulary sent me wondering what my phone number was is time stamped for 5.20pm. The meeting was at 1800hrs. Be that as it may, what is transparently clear is that the EODSA have committed an affront to my reputation and have quite clearly broken their avowed rule that there should be a paper trail. This is what they were accusing me of at the hearing. No paper trail. They were informed that reports delivered by me regarding certain events were not acted upon, and, that if they were, they had not found it proper to advise me. And, that the EODSA had rejected certain pleas regarding complaints concerning at least one errant referee, sending it back to the moribund OCSL.
I would regard an apology as the least that the EODSA should provide.
In fact, not to have informed me about their call to the police is gross impropriety. As I told the EODSA and the police, I am not afraid of informing whomsoever is involved in any matter I may initiate.
Form your own conclusions from this fracas. Just another piece of evidence added to my case for the implementation of justice in this small town. Actually, one of the officers has a son playing soccer and he hopes I can do something for the kids' benefit, because I told him that some of the accepted (by the OCSL) idiot referees were given games played by the young and the old,
Bye for now,
Paul Dickins
A soccer fan who absolutely hates corruption and cupidity and ignorance and, especially, bad manners.
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