Subject: These foolish things, V
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 10:06:55 -0400
From: Paul Dickins <>
Organization: mattoid, INK
To: , , ,


Ms Keith, EODSA:
It is plain that because the EODSA had called in the Police prior to the hearing there is a clear case that the EODSA preempted their judgement. In other words, the hearing was a farce. As I pointed out in my previous email, there were inaccuracies in the letter from Wittenberg, Manager of the Ottawa Internationals SRII team, to the supposed authorities, the OCSL. These statements were not clarified or amended prior to the EODSA contacting, in the end fruitlessly, the Ottawa-Carleton Police.
As I have previously mentioned, the Police will not pursue the matter any further.
However, it is not pleasant to have a visit from anyone whilst dressed in one's nightshirt.
Unless I receive an adequate response within five working days I will seek legal advisement concerning the above delineated action taken by the EODSA. This action clearly included an outside party and that will quite likely allow me to pursue damages.
Paul Dickins
Computer technology and Association Football
Of course, never heard anything from the EODSA. Interesting that they will use emails sent to them as evidence against anyone, but won't respond to a requested receipt to an email. Antiquated reasoning, isn't it? Email is legal, as has been shown in court. Just another nail in their awaiting coffin.