Subject: Re: Appeal: EODSA Case #:99-67
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 13:41:16 -0400
From: Stephen McKetsy <>
To: Paul Dickins and others.
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Mr. Paul Dickens, (Note misspelling of name; was my email read as assiduously?)
The Ontario Soccer Association sympathies with your situation. However, our policies require a fee of $250.00 be submitted in order to file an appeal. No exceptions to this policy are permitted. (Apart from failing spellcheck test, one wonders why only those with money can appeal. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 15. (1) states "Every individual is equal before and under the law . . . without discrimination . . . . ")
Therefore, we require the appeal fee be submitted before we can move forward on your appeal.
If we do not receive the appeal fee at the provincial office, by certified cheque or money order, by Monday November1, 1999 your appeal will be ruled out of order.
Yours in Soccer, (Oh, come on, sarcasm is beneath you. If you can't, with all the evidence accept that something is rotten in this borough, then maybe there are skeletons in the big T?)
Stephen McKetsy
Administrative Coordinator
This was my begging letter. I'm not proud, I know there are many in my position in this wonderful, compassionate country whose MPs have just upped their inflation proof pensions.
Paul Dickins <> on 10/26/1999 12:15:06 AM
To: Bruce Henderson/OSA@OSA, Stephen McKetsy/OSA@OSA
and others
Subject: Appeal: EODSA Case #:99-67
Following up on my earlier email statement re advising you of my finances, now that the internet connection is back this evening.
I would like to summarise my financial circumstances, regarding the $250 cost of appeal.
a) No income since October 1997.
b) No UI, since had run out, during work as Owner Operator in 1996-7
c) No welfare, since wife has earnings, but we have a child so that limits her time at work.
d) Cost of moving to Ottawa from BC was exorbitant, apart from the damage to my health from driving a U-Haul across the country in late December last year.
e) Only money has come from my father, to help us out, plus the referee earnings of the summer. By the way, they haven't sent me the cheque for September to date. Probably their usual snafu. Or sour grapes. (It's in the mail, see EODSA needs my help)
f) All my savings dissipated, all my investments gone. High level of debt to service.
I trust this enables you to come to a decision. Please contact me if you need clarification.
I would welcome an opportunity to put my case forwards wrt the obvious problems present in the capital city.
Paul Dickins
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