Subject: These foolish things
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 22:55:53 -0400
From: Paul Dickins:
Organization: mattoid, INK
To: ; and others.


Please see text attached.
Lovely, isn't it, to live in the Capital Region? Now that winter comes.


Computer Technology and Association Football


Wednesday, September 8th., 1999

Open letter to the OCSL and interested parties.

Written as text for easy posting on the Internet.

Yesterday, I received a nervous phone call from the OCSL president, Dave Norton. Apparently, because I, of course, have not received a copy of the letter(s), some of the SRII International team complained about me. They said that I carry a gun to frighten off assailants.

Well, I assume that is the gist of the letter, since I have no real knowledge of the language used. Maybe they said other things, be interesting to know. Wonderful what the OCSL can do with improper protocol when it suits them.

Well, isn't that interesting. One, it is a starting pistol. Two, it has never before been seen by anyone on a soccer field or adjacent to it. I mean, I have been threatened by lots of people, it's just part of the job. Especially when I can't stand ignorami, those pretending to, but lacking, a proper command of the Laws of the Game. But, I've only once been spat upon, and that stopped me refereeing in unaffiliated games.

What this is all about is my decision to play the Internationals at their own game. They didn't like me on my first encounter with them, in their losing season, at Walter Baker. One of the players has a gripe because I justly cautioned him for his actions with a game ball. The result was complaining about me to Danny Trickovic, the District Referee Coordinator.

Laughable. I have had much experience, in BC, with teams whose idea of soccer is total tribal warfare. The stuff I've seen here is juvenile in comparison.

So, do you remember when in the OT4 we had a referee who was so bad he ejected a player by suggestion. See site for the story. When I, as a referee and as a player on the offended team, tried to have something done, nothing could be done. No method for responding to injustices committed by referee reporting that later evidence proves invalid. When I spoke with Danny Trickovic he stated that Jeffrey Dowey (sic) had to be believed because he had to side with the report and the adamant position of seeing the offence that he took. Even when it was admitted that the OCSL had a very poor opinion of him. And, that he had to discount my reports and sworn testimony of others.

Now, having had so many reports about how poor refereeing is standard in this small Ontario town, and seen so much, with the few good guys standing out like sore thumbs, it seemed appropriate to do something. I had the tools, let's see if I can realise the planned result. It was so easy to set the Internationals up after the recent game at Champlain. I said that I would have to report their manager in a special incident report as well as the manager of Lynwood. One person, the one whom I had cautioned in the previous meeting, said I was better this time. The Internationals had, in fact, simply attuned themselves to my decisions on the field. Actually, I rarely have to change my approach, because I know the Laws and so many of the players and, especially the coaches, do not. Although they think they do. Makes for problems.

Having their attention, I said that I always carried something to protect myself, because, for example, I would have to pass by the Lynwood team, drinking in the parking lot, whose manager is a prime example of an ignoramus. I pulled out my pea-shooter, joked with the Internationals, who were also drinking in the darkness and moved away shortly thereafter. The piece went back into my bag, where it would remain until placed into its usual locked box. Of course, as I left in my car, there were cries of fucking this and that referee from the unlovely Lynwood players. The problems on the playing field arose precisely because of their foul mouths.

My conception works. Sure enough, a letter wends its way, and the OCSL moves with alacrity to suspend me. Wonderful, after being called a liar by Danny Trickovic re Jeffrey Dowey, now I am deemed a menace to society. They wouldn't remove an admitted incompetent, now would they? No, they populate the children's divisions and the OT divisions with these benighted fools.

What the OCSL has obviously forgotten is that I am an Assessor, a Class 1 referee, with several decades of experience. Thus, would I ever be so stupid as to carry around a gun? Kept in an unlocked bag on the side of the field? Would that help my case if I were to be assaulted? Hardly. Frankly, if I never referee again in the OCSL it wouldn't affect me unduly.

What is unfortunate is that my abilities to improve the general standards in Ottawa-Carleton would be lost. Danny Trickovic says that he is tired out from attempting the impossible. It's not impossible, one simply has to prune the rose.

Watching and being inflicted upon by referees here, watching absolutely inept Referee Assistants. These poor souls not having been trained correctly, it's hardly their fault.

I know that they are trained incorrectly if they can't hold a flag properly. And, if the referee tells me at the half, on an assessment, that he has been told by an earlier assessor to place himself so that he can't see what is going on: it's obvious that the centre is rotten. Prove that I am wrong or incorrect. You can not, it's very clear to anyone with any outside experience that the bureaucracy here is patently self-serving.

I would like to add more, and I could, but time and space forbid it.

Nevertheless, as you have been informed, this can easily be posted to the Internet. Had you forgotten that I'm a techie? This letter, together with specific assessments of referees whose incompetence breeds violence and aggression, such as Dowey, Haydari, Spychalski, Koutras, Blackman, Trickovic, can easily be uploaded. And, what about the tales I have heard about other local organisations. That would be interesting too, what?

An idle threat? One never knows, does one?


Paul Dickins


PS. This idiotic suspension doesn't affect Ontario games, or other Leagues, I presume? (Naturally, no response. Author)