On Friday, June 4th., the Guardian sends me an email, see below, it's self-explanatory:

I live in Ottawa, Canada.

It states nothing about where on the planet it will be delivered. I immediately went to my local Newsagents (Mags & Fags on Elgin Street), and ordered both the Guardian for Saturday 5th., and the Observer, Sunday 6th. None of the staff advised me I would be disappointed.
On Monday, I rode down and picked up my order. I saw that there were none of the advertised inserts.
When I spoke with Jess, the assistant she said that they _never_ send inserts with the papers, even when advertised.

The papers themselves have these images at the top of the front page:

Click to enlarge.

This is, to me, blatant misrepresentation of the facts. Totally misleading advertising. This bloody event happens once every four years: The Guardian, The Observer cannot fulfil their advertisements. Shoddy, shoddy, shoddy.