Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 12:10:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Paul Dickins"
Subject: Problems
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Hi All,

First: No Front Page to work with (removed from Internet cafe computer for some reason) Hence no game reports on the OT2 page found from

Second, because Mumbles McCulloch was injured last Friday in our 1-2 loss, I could not, in all fairness, bring up his threat to me and its consequences at the post match beerfest. If you read the Kanata game report you may understand why I was threatened at the Falcon's game. Not that it was wholly effective because I couldn't grasp what he was saying, in his inimitable growl, most of the time. It was threatening verbiage, nevertheless.

Third, continuing, McC states he has a spotless non ejection record with the Royals. Horse feathers! Not according to all other Royals contemporaries.

Fourth, to include others on the email distribution, the OCSL will not distribute disciplinary records to those who are not managers or coaches of a team. ( As a significant aside, the Disciplinary Administrator did not know what the FA was!) This is ridiculous for several reasons: a) there were two sides on the field for every infraction, with attendant reports/copies; b) Other leagues freely offer disciplinary statistics; c) How are aggrieved parties to ascertain the facts, especially when criminal or other legal matters are affected? 

Fifth, I have never received a list of officials with contact details, such as was available in past years for me to place on the Royals site. Too late this year.

Note you can email me, or place comments on the OT2 page. Not quite right to only have Gates raving about his fluke goal up there. Oh, and Barlow not knowing of Karla Lang! Shock, horror! But, can he read?



Paul Dickins, BSc MCP

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