AC Fiorentina, August 2nd, 2002 .

Started late, AC having 9 players. This number the Royals found hard to deal with, especially when relinquishing our early lead. 3-3 at one stage, AC having scored on semi-breakaways. One of their goals was excellent: quick control and boom into the rhs of Tommy's goal.

We did improve, with, among others, two really good goals by Norm and Ronaldo Edgar.

Ron's was early in the second half, when Dickins headed the ball to Ron, who let it through his legs, completely bemusing their defender. Ron stormed in and banged it into the top left.

Norm's goal was a result of leaving three or more savage attempts to foul him well behind, as he swept in from the left, and stroked the ball calmly into the net.

After a strange first half, Tommy had little to do for the rest of the game, having to save no shots. One reason was our giraffe, Alastair, who came on again after screaming "It wasn't my damaged leg". He marked their tall, fast forward out of the game.

Barlow tried to make it more interesting with his passing, and the other fullback, Dickins, went on a mazy 80 yard run to within a few feet of AC's goal, only to revert to fullback, and pass the ball cleanly past the left upright. Twit!

Dave helped to subdue AC's diva, and we upset this niggly lot of putative Seria A harridans.

Hi Paul,
Good job I checked your site - you cruelly erased one of my goals from
history, our first against Fiorentina - a volleyed lob over mad keeper.
Yours officiously,