Aylmer, August 9th, 2002 .

Nearly didn't start, ref noticing park was barely lined but, because we had travelled so far and had two lost games already, he let us play. The field was dry, bumpy and hard, just like our home conditions.

Aylmer were the better team, fit and young. So young was one of them that cards weren't asked for, as was the norm. A botched clearance led to their first goal within a couple minutes of the start. Then another unnecessary goal was allowed and our goose was cooked.

In the second half we changed to three backs and four midfielders, which improved matters considerably. They scored a late goal on a semi-breakaway, after we had had a few misses. Mind you, Tommy needed his eyes washed free of gravel after one despairing successful save.

We made a few chances, one coming off four passes: Donny to Paul to Alastair to Ronnie, who chose to keep a clean sheet.

If we had had a full team the result may have been different, but our propensity to maintain poor passing, especially in the midfield, cost us dear. The only midfielder worth his salt on the day was Norm. Up front, both Nigel and Alastair tried their best but suffered poor support and to have to scramble for far too many inaccurate passes. 

A well deserved win for a team that deserves to come top in the division. (Which status arrived given the other results of the day). We need to regroup and replenish with new blood. My view, of course, but sadly agreed to by others I spoke with.