Chelsea, July 5th.

Warm evening, and our net holders turned up late, so muggins had to walk to the other end, again.

Strong game, lots of chances. In the first half, penalty awarded to us, with #11 of Chelsea raving at the ref from the halfway line about being blind. Nothing, apparently, was heard by the official. Billy took the penalty, pushing it to the right hand side of the goal. One-nil to us. Good job that there had been no research, a la South Koreans, of the William Walters history of penalty taking.

So, on into the second half, when all of a sudden two goals were struck within thirty seconds, by us. The first, a blinder by Norm with the goalie leaping to his right, too late to stop the ball. The curse on Norm's scoring had been broken. Then, Steve, thinking this was indoor, and the goal wasn't far away, dribbled his way through Chelsea's complete team and scored a reasonably brilliant goal.

Then, a goal from Chelsea, not by Ronaldinho, but it had the same result, with a cross, definitely not a shot, left by Tommy to float in by a hairsbreadth. Then, a few minutes later, blatant offside by two Chelsea players and it's now only 3-2 to us.

We kept them out for the rest of the game, and we had a few chances, including one notable slash of a strike by Ronaldo Edgar which could have put us in the comfort zone. Not to be, but a good game, some stroppiness as one would expect from a Chelsea side, but the right result.


Apropos of my bitching, the name of the game is communication. I don't like being substituted for a supposed five minutes and then to have to stand there for over twenty. If there are to be specific changes then let people know beforehand, so that adjustments can be made. End, almost, of my whining. Just wait until next week!

Now then, thanks to all and especially Donny, Billy, Ronnie, Geoff and Alastair who were so nice to my sister, Lynn, and her kiwi husband Peter, on their visit to the field and then to Grace O'Malleys. They were very pleased with your friendliness. Quelle surprise!