Croatian Jadran, August 23rd, 2002 .

Late game at Terry Fox, and excellent, even though we lost.

Referee tried to be impartial, but failed occasionally. We scored one good goal through our Ronaldo. Keep alongside, then lose your marker and bang it in. Took us three games to score a goal. Was it because Ron was partaking of that particular peat coloured water originating from that dank sheep ridden northern province of the island of Great Britain?

Gates tried his best to continually foul his opponents up front and Billy non-controlled the ball a little more than a few times. Their goalie, although saving point blank from Stevie, was poor at high balls. We should really have taken at least one chance when he fumbled high balls lobbed in by yours truly. 

Steve, Donny, Dave, Ken, Pierre and a couple of other unmentionables were sound, but we could still only score one. Leo received a card for silliness: not waiting to sub. Donny got one for playing like he used to. Mumbles injured himself with a last ditch tackle, and thereby hangs a tale. And Tommy saved us once or twice: acrobatic for a big man.

A tie would have maintained our position, but Jadran overtook us with their win.

See Karla Lang and Christine Sinclair on 29th August, Thursday evening 10'o'clock, when they play Brasil in their Womens' U-19 FIFA WC on Sportsnet.

Hooray!! 1-1; 0-0; 4-3 to Canada. And what a pathetic referee.