Fitzroy Dambusters, June 28th.

Hot evening.

Referee late in arriving, making us wonder if.. . .

Game started with the ex-Royal, Dave Callow, trying hard to score and harry us. Worked in the first half when our redoubtable right back complained of a lack of sunglasses. He missed the ball, and Callow nipped in to score.
Of course, we had our goal scored by Ronaldo Edgar, he of the quick feet when the opportunity arose.

No score in the second half, although Gates, he of the sly excuses, refused to slot the ball home at six yards when not to do so was more difficult. The yackety-yack resulting from the rear line in an almost impromptu fashion was delightful. There were a few exciting moments due to the antics of our slim goalie, but even then no score blotted the evening.

Fitzroy had a couple of Chinese players, fit, young and incompetent. Their actions evoked strong language from some of our side, especially Nigel who was contemplating a further broken leg. Luckily, he came off unscathed.

Good, hard game, and either side could have won.