Hungarians, July 26th, 2002 .

Wet, rainy evening that cleared towards the end of the game. Some lightning, at a distance, prior to kick-off.

The Royals team was poor and deserved the loss.

The presence of too many chiefs was apparent and the way the game went was a result of the chaos created. One temperamental and obnoxious reactionary was especially foolish. I resent being told to shut up by someone who pretends to understand the game to such an extent that everyone else is deemed a tyro. Especially when comments made from the field by the centreback directly supported my own.

The referee (actually, the second to appear!) needs no report: he was George, a Punch and Judy show without the puppets.

Utilikilts: something strange to use for work. Note that the kilt was invented by an Englishman in 1730. It was never present with Robert the Bruce, who was himself an Anglo-Norman and a homicidal maniac. Sod the spider and that Braveheart debacle. Yeah, and that ponce who went over the sea to Skye was Polish, who thieved all his supporters' money. Even Rabbie Burns wrote in Anglo-Saxon.