Internationals A, July 12th.

Hot evening, large field, concrete. Referee who couldn't give an offside to save his life. A good job the two Ronnies were here.

Game started with Tommy, our regular goalie, stretching and wheezing on the sideline, after arriving tardily. Gates, our stumbling bumbler, went into goal and promptly gave away a penalty. He could have kicked the ball that the opponent had let too far in front of his feet. However, Dickins should have chopped him down before that. Whatever, in stepped their man and bang, a goal in the first three minutes.

In came Tommy, out went Allen. And the game progressed, with a lot of high balls into our area, which the redoubtable Scots, Geoff and Donny, with the two Sassenachs, Mark and Paul as backs, tending to easily head back at them.

Then, a foul to us, on the edge of the Internationals' area. Up steps Ronaldo Edgar and bangs it for a rebound, whereupon Allen retrieves his reputation by running in and scoring. 1-1 indeed.

Half time and water intake.

Second half much of the same with some mazy runs by one of their giraffes. Never scored however. We did. A foul by their centre back, suffering anger from a Baggott chop earlier. Up step the two Ronnies. Probably, Internationals thought that wee Ronnie was just going to run over the ball, to allow Ronaldo to score. Not so, Ronnie hammered an off the outside shot right into the top corner. Goalie never even moved.

Rest of the game was up and down with the odd chance. A couple of times, Tommy saved our bacon by stopping some chances made either side of the field. Didn't matter, we won by a whisker. Stole the game, in other words. Good enough, what?