Referee assessment for: May 24th. 2002 Osgoode/Rideau Manotick Centennial OT2 OCSL

bulletReferee had a penchant to call for foul throws: probably around twenty in total.
bulletDid not know how to differentiate between high kicking and allowable attempt to play the ball.
bulletGenerally could not keep up with the play.
bulletImproper positioning, the well known "Ottawa" impropriety, for corner kicks. Positioned himself centrally, outside the penalty area. Correct positioning is somewhere on the goal line, opposite to the kick. This would enable correct calling of ball out of play, scoring near the line, and for player infractions.
bulletMade a real error calling for a penalty against the Royals. The referee was at the half way line, and called for a penalty on a player who had reached in and cleared the ball for a corner. If it had been a penalty, the correct decision would have included a red card for the Royals' player, since he was the last man back on a breakaway. That the referee was so far away compounded his error.
bulletDid not know what a shoulder charge was.
bulletInconsistent concerning sliding tackles. Inconsistent with tackling from behind.

The education given new referees for positioning as offered by the Instructors in Ottawa is totally incorrect. The attitude is given above, which is based on the understanding that the referee is unfit. Otherwise, instead of positioning himself for a breakaway and to have to run down the field, he would be standing near to the goal line, with a clear view at the line between the goal posts, and so forth. End of sermon.