European Championship in Portugal 2004

Portugal 6-5 England in penalty kicks on June 24th 2004 after 2-2 aet. The first quarter final of the tournament.
Why was Beckham even on the field? He was one of the worst players throughout this tournament. One feels sorry for all of the effort made by those whose play was impeccable on this day: Cole, Terry, Campbell and Lampard in particular.

On Canada Day, July 1st., the bloody Greeks won a silver goal game to reach the final. This was a disaster, and Death's Head Collina had his last International game, and he was remiss in missing several awful tackles, plus a clear grab of Koller's shirt in the Greece penalty area. The wrong team won, and the referee gave it to them. Not that the Czechs shouldn't have scored several times.

So, this will be the first time that I will not watch an international final. Simply disgusted, and I don't live in Tunbridge Wells.

A really good game, the best team on the day lost because del Piero was counting his $70,000/wk, instead of counting his steps. But, the best team of the tournament did win, although the Netherlands were a close second. The Czech Republik were the team who would have done better except for the draw and some ridiculously poor refereeing. And, if Xavier is STILL not admitting he handled the ball, what an intellect beneath his blonde thatch, eh what?!

Vive la France! Didn't need Stanley! Oh, sorry, he played for England, when.....


2000 European Championship results: golden goal at top of SoccerPictures page

On to better things: trades and thoughts. Why, indeed, do the French like London? Well, if they play for Arsenal and Chelsea, they might do so with sangfroid?

Two good ones, who should have met in the final, and it doesn't matter if Kluivert only got three. 

Two bad teams, both gone, and with them both these players, Shearer and Matthaeus, from International life:

Euro2000 data sheet

04/07/00 Night before and two nights after. What a horrible time for Leeds. Visit for their viewpoint. Go to the English page on their site for a strange opinion on why the Ali Sami Yen stadium is called Hell. 

On the other hand, what a glorious game put on between Chelsea and Barcelona, with petulant Kleivert throwing his gloves at Van Gaal. And, even watching ManU put seven goals in against West Ham was a pleasure.

Late 1999 : Getting ready for 2000AD, the European Championship: forget the millennium, that's not for another year, this is far more important. Social hype re Germany v England, both for the World Cup preliminaries and, now, for the Euro Finals. Who cares, if the games are good.

tartan.gif (19899 bytes) eng_Scot.jpg (18504 bytes)

L: A slice of the Tartan Army ready for the November 1999 EuroClash. Hampden/Wembley: Scotland v England November 13th & 17th 1999. Just over a year left in the Century and the Millennium. Moral victory to Craig Brown and the Scots, including Hendry. Never say die used to be said of the English. They were sadly lacking on the day.

Pathetic England. Several good players in the squad, all playing in the wrong position. Kelvin Koogan will have to find some left sided players, (well, he had some, but where on earth were they on the field?) and find some others who can actually pass the ball. Beckham was OK in Scotland, and woefully inadequate at Wembley. Perhaps they should cart him off to the south-west with the twin towers. Seaman, Campbell, Adams, Keown, Neville, Scholes, Heskey for a moment, Shearer when he was in his own half. Ince when he wasn't being petulant and screaming at his own players for missing a bad pass that he, Ince, had made.

Now, Collima, the bald Italian referee. How could he deny England's goal for an elbow by Shearer and not see Hutchison straight arm Adams? That prevented Adams from jumping, so that Hutchison could nod the ball down into the goal. One rule for the downtrodden and another for the skirted.

There will have to be some soul searching at the FA at the woeful state of the team when called upon to actually play the game. Koogan cannot simply rely on the captains in the team to play together, there has to be a framework, and Kelvin simply does not have the nous.    

What a poor performance by England in Warsaw, September 8th., '99. Jack Charlton, of England '66 fame, said that Shearer was rubbish, everyone except two wing halves were rubbish. Right on, Giraffe, what price England now that Kelvin Koogan is in charge! Mind you, what kind of decision is a card in the penalty area and then a goal kick to the recipient's side? (This GEther Benko would fit right into the Ottawa, Ontario, refereeing arena). I hope UEFA look hard at this transparently obvious level of incompetence. Of course, they didn't.