Blatterishness, or the bureaucratic ruin of football

It is called the beautiful game: absolutely not, if one includes FIFA corruption. Although Blatter in late 2002 was declared almost innocent of charges of corruption. At least, nothing that they could actually hang on him.

Local, Ottawa league sites, included because one of the two has incipient, gross incompetence. NCISL, OCSL. Should be easy to determine which.

  • 06/24/2002 World Cup: Blatter refutes conspiracy theory: here is why and, further examples: It is quite clear from the replays that the Trinidadian only raised the flag when he saw the ball going towards the unmarked Spanish player. His eyes were never on the ball. This is outrageous: no wonder Warner, see below, is smiling. They of Trinidad and Tobago have more friends now belonging to the unknowable, minor Football Associations, supporters of Herr Blatter, the megalomaniacal twerp housed in Switzerland. He was a colonel, or similar, in the Swiss army. Shades of the Schickelgruber.
  • 05/30/2002 The Economist article: Time for a clean-up. Too bloody right, mate.
  • 05/30/2002 The day the soccer world voted for sleaze, and the temporary, hopefully, beheading of Zen-Ruffinen. FIFA executive, which does not indicate the blind members.
  • 05/28/2002 Blatter booed and jeered at Congress I am waiting, like millions of other fans of soccer, those with any sense of decency, for the end of this dreadful business. Wouldn't it be nice to have Beckenbauer in charge? Great guy, sincere when fouling the best of England when playing in the World Cup. Don't blame him for his total commitment in that event. And I would like the cowards and fortune seekers in the CSA to be dumped, too, for having followed the prompting of that man in Trinidad.
  • 05/27/2002 Blatter re-elected by huge margin. An indication of the blind self-interest of the majority, the tiny associations, which includes Canada, in footballing terms. The Tiny Minds have an equal vote to any other FA. The Solomon Islands equal to Argentina? Or to Spain? Or to Belgium? Obvious inequality, that Blatter uses for his self-glorification.
  • 05/27/2002 David Will wonders where the money went and it would seem those who said they would vote for Blatter were being screwed for further, future payments. Serves them right, hein?
  • 05/26/2002 The Blatter scenario. He's due for what on Wednesday? Just before the World Cup starts.
  • 05/21/2002 Blatter sidesteps, and what a joke this is. And, he files libel suit against Zen. Media distortion, my sainted arse. Indicates the yesmen of CONCACAF, which includes the CSA.
  • 05/21/2002 Read the Swiss Dimanche paper for stuff about notre grand parvenu Blatter and his take on Zen-Ruffinen
  • 05/12/2002 Zen-Ruffinen gagged by the Gang of Corruption at FIFA 05/07/2002 Blatter lost FIFA ca $500 million!
  • 05/03/2002 Blatter in trouble if Zen-Ruffinen maintains his courage and who built the most corrupt sport regime?

Jack A. Warner was re-elected President of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football at its XXIII Ordinary Congress on Saturday 20 April at the Loews Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida USA. Warner was returned for a fourth four-year term of office in an overwhelming vote, defeating Dr. Edgardo Codesal by a vote count of 36-2, with one no vote and one national association absent. 

And, in most rational people's estimation, Warner is a totally corrupt individual, ruining his own country's football and being closely associated with Blatter. On the FIFA pages, even the arguments are on view, especially between Blatter and Zen Ruffinen. And, there's an injunction against Farah Addo of Somalia. To have this dirty washing at FIFA really shows how corruption is rampant within its hallowed halls.

Bite me!!!

Now, now, the Argentines want to hang up the No 10 shirt because of their love of Maradona. However, FIFA might not like that, probably as much as Mario Kempes, the top goal scorer of 1978. My opinion equals that of Senor Kempes. See the pages here that refer to Maradana for the reason; very easy. Major drug user, too.

Now, now Jack of the Beanstalk: Sepp baby might have to smack your knuckles, but it won't be hard, because he needs your vote next year when re-election rears its ugly head. (Of course, he's still there.)

FIFA President Sepp Blatter said he would look into allegations of a conflict of interest surrounding FIFA Vice President Jack Warner's acquisition of lucrative television rights to FIFA tournaments. "I don't like rumours," Blatter said late Saturday afternoon. "I will identify exactly what was happened and I will inform [the media] (sic:ed)."

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New Zealand's Charles Dempsey abstains, thus Blatter can't vote, therefore Deutschland gets it. Better that country than England. South Africa should have won, but for politics. Blatter is now in trouble. A Korean wants his job. England might grasp the cherry when I'm dead and buried. What price letters under doors, phone calls from ex-FIFA president and the King of the Belgians. Bribery, and the smell of rotten fish.

I'll repeat it here, the FA are foolish if they rely on the word of a consummate liar, one Sepp Blatter. He tells the last person he has spoken to, that, yes, he can have the World Cup, and, yes, here is another $50,000 for your pains. No need for a receipt.