The Scots may laugh, the Argies may grin, and Maradona's biography may have the title "The Hand of God", 1996, Jimmy Burns, The Lyons Press, ASIN 1558215972, but the English will never forgive the officials for this deliberate offence, not seen by those three blind mice, even if it was at high altitude, in Mexico City, in 1986. Note: Bennacur, Ali, was the Tunisian referee and this is the view the linesman must have had (who was one of Ulloa Morera B and Dotschev B):

Clearly, without the handball, Peter Shilton would have cleared the ball. Now, see what became of the little man, brilliant player, brilliant drug user. Even Castro couldn't cure him.

Certain saves are worth remembering? Beasant, James, Kahn, Rene, Seaman. And Gordon Banks in 1970, with Bobby Moore watching in amazement. Below that is the last of Arsenal, with Seaman's despairing attempt to prevent Nayim scoring a flukish goal.