Incidentals of Soccer

March 5th., 2004: Pele makes it 125, not 100, in his best of living players, but only just if George Best is included.

Video: The Golden Goal in Rotterdam (QuickTime and a fast connection required); the UMBRO advertisement   

The British Columbia Richmond Team who are now in their fifties, and no doubt could use a sixty, going on sixty-one, year old in their back line, just like old times. This is their site, the Richmond Pioneers: Good God, they're ugly, hein? Of course, this is one of Graham's modifications to the truth by Adobe, methinks. I doubt whether they ever play on a flat field, and as for supporters. . . . 

  • 05/21/2002 The History of Football should be on your list: great series, on DVD, and look at the quotes, especially from George Best.
  • And, just in case you thought you were a better ref than a player: take this Referee Decision Quiz and read the Answers afterwards.
  • Why it's easier to play football (eve of the Masters, April 5th., 2001): Fetch my ball, said Tiger. This must have happened because, of course, he won by two shots.

RBM-PIC3.JPG (73909 bytes)
A beach in Trinidad, near Tobago, home of Dwight Yorke, once of Man Utd, and once the property of Jordan. No, not the basketball player, but a large chested wench, popular among the nouveau riche.