Players, Players, Players

  • 06/12/2002 Rio Ferdinand: best player in the world at this time? Well, getting to be like Beckenbauer, at least. And not unlike Sol Campbell. And, England are practicing taking penalty kicks. About time, but I hope it doesn't come to that. At the World Cup, this was.
  • 05/23/2002 Keane sent home from World Cup: here is a character assessment. And Ljungberg goes nuts, too!! Well, so would you if you were chopped down after running off with the ball. See AftonBladet for example.
  • 04/12/2002: More Beckham: Chinese are sad, too
  • 04/11/2002: Beckham in tears, and aren't we all upset?

Below is Reyes, now of Arsenal, being assaulted by a fellow team member!

04/29/2001: Money is the root of all evil, seemingly, for poor Roy. The ManU midfielder is worried that he can't keep his buddies in Ireland happy, now that he earns ?0,000/wk. He is drinking too much, it is said, and he is an outpatient at a clinic. Plus, and this is a shame, he seems to be suffering from chronic depression. As a depressive, I am loath to unduly criticize a lot of what he does, as long as he was unaware of his plight. If, however, he was self-aware, then his behaviour is doubly damnable. And what, pray, was His Imperial Lord Fergie doing, given this situation? His star captain is drinking? Keane can't have hidden that. And, given Kelvin Koogan, and his old-fashioned ways, thrown away, especially by the French, what likelihood that other members of ManU match his predilection? That is a waste of the PLC's resources, and is a gross managerial faux pas. Has our Lord Fergie been stood on the carpet?


Alf Inge Haaland receiving salutations from the loose cannon called Roy Keane, during the Manchester Derby, 04/21/2001. Keane's response to a supposed foul, a long time ago, NOT committed by Haaland, since the Irishman injured his cruciates himself. The Red Dog should be banned from playing, he has been a constant disgrace to the game. At least David Elleray made the instant correct decision, this time, whereas he should have ejected him more than four times, given prior evidence. On one occasion, shown on TV, and World-wide, Keane verbally assaulted the referee, might have been Elleray, might not, producing the f-word for all to see. Received nothing, whatsoever. Not then, not by the FA later, not by FIFA (supposed Fair Play Centre of the World), not by anyone. 

The usual Beckham, I didn't do it would follow this event. And, seeing eye to eye with Barber, the ref, not.

Actions from certain top English teams, not Arsenal