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Europe:BallUEFA.jpg (5886 bytes) Going to UEFA gives current status of Champions League, UEFA Cup, etc., etc. If you aren't a xenophobe. Here is the English Premiership. And, here is the 4theGame Barclaycard Premiership 

Good for all sports: Yahoo!! Then we have Soccer Features: a source of international reports kept up to date and archived. SOCCERNET: the Sportsline of the Daily Mail, UK, updated each evening, local time. Lots of information, especially English Premier. On a daily basis do try the Electronic Telegraph, but, like the Guardian, registering for access is necessary: Electronic Telegraph and Guardian  Also, try, SoccerAction, Football365. More sites below. Also, eagle_logo3.gif (19127 bytes) try the BCSoccerWeb and, on one of their hosted pages, discover who owns this dead bird:






Canadian Soccer Associations

osa.gif (2793 bytes)Ontario Soccer Association The coat of many colours; pity it's so poorly designed. Plus: Alberta SA, Saskatchewan SA, New Brunswick SA. Here is the British Columbia Soccer Association showing, at last, an aesthetic improvement. Eastern Ontario District SA whose offices are upstairs in the CSA building on 237 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa. Canadian Soccer Association whose offices are next door to the Iranian Embassy. Coincidence? Knowing the bureaucracy involved, it's a loaded question.  


National and International Soccer Associations

Scottish Football Association: link may not work, possibly because they are wondering about National Independence and mulling over what happened at the last Old Firms' Game. That may have been a couple of years ago, but it seems the same thing is happening, especially when the National team, on September 7th., 2002, can only draw 2-2 with the Faeroe Islands, that great sunny hotbed of soccer. UEFA Official Information Service: European Football organisational headquarters web page. Federation Internationale de Football Association: the FIFA page, another organisation very similar to the Olympics' structure with the obvious, odious comparisons.

And now, the World Cup:       wc2002temp.gif (3581 bytes)
The icon is a reminder that two historically amicable countries are to hold the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Grab 1999 Women's World Cup info at the Canadian Association for Women and Sport. They have been recarded, after a typical bureaucratic charade, for the upcoming season.

England's prospects for European Championship: well, they qualified for the finals, by the skin of their teeth, and with thanks to the Swedes. The FA is wondering whether to appeal, along with Italy, but I have no sympathy with those bemoaning England's seeding in the 2002 World Cup. Behind Scotland, begorrah! Based on the UEFA recent games results only. And, did England do well? Emphatically, NOT!

sfneng02.jpeg (18273 bytes)   dawn_Petrovac.jpeg (12373 bytes)

Unofficial England with equally unofficial England manager quote pages (although Kevin Keegan does have some kind of quality, but, given the poverty of the team performances against Sweden and Bulgaria, it isn't high grade); other people's gaffes here. Maybe Kelvin Koogan is to be (should be?) shot at dawn.

It must be the FA. They reward Peter Taylor, coach of the under 21 English team that has a faultless record, with the sack. And they hire a populist with about as much intelligence as Gascoigne has common sense. It is simply not enough to be popular with the lads, albeit with unbounded enthusiasm. Where is the paramount tactical sense; where, in other words, is Terry Venables? Or Bobby Robson, even if he is so successful at his age, viz. his enhancement of Newcastle's reputation.

Gascoigne's almost latest: Industrial Language is allowed, he says; calling a Referee's Assistant a wanker is a reasonable remark. Middlesbrough coach, Bryan Robson, does not agree; he fined the everlasting child two weeks wages in response. And he's not giving Gazzer any first team experience, lately. Although, Paul Gascoigne stated for posterity that no one will equal his goal against Scotland whereupon he was immediately doused by his team mates, for which see the pictures page on this site.

Here is an England supporters page; here's another one. Now, the Football Supporters' Association, includes Hillsborough information. To Euro 2000. England's doomed World Cup 2006 bid. Especially since Wembley reconstruction is ricocheting between one committee and another, something to do with mutual use. Not like the Stade de France, eh? On the other hand, the FA Premier League Hall of Fame and, finally, the FA site, which, as you might have guessed, is still under construction. Well, it was last time I tried, and the time before that, and then, and then . . . . . it is alive. Better late than never, and you'd better have a fast connection, because it takes forever to load. How appropriate, some would say.

fa-shield200x232.gif (15930 bytes)

AltaVista Search: Simple Query World Cup 1998 about 11,000 hits and more. You can alter the search to fit your own preferences, can't you?

International Competitions and Associations of the FIFA

 OCEAN_FC.GIF (4378 bytes) ASIA_FC.GIF (5557 bytes) UEFA.GIF (3061 bytes)CAF.GIF (3719 bytes)CONMEBOL.GIF (4277 bytes)logo_confed.gif (4540 bytes)

All of this needs an update, what? 1998 World Cup  from the Nando Times, and still providing good international articles.
UEFA - 1998 FIFA World Cup Preliminaries: FIFA archive of preliminary competition for UEFA France98 (Europe)
CAF - 1998 FIFA World Cup France '98: archive for CAF (Africa)
CONMEBOL - 1998 FIFA World Cup France '98: archive for CONMEBOL (South America)
The Football Confederation aka CONCACAF - 1998 FIFA World Cup France '98: archive for CONCACAF (North and Central America). As corrupt as the FA and FIFA. Blatter and his $10,000 handshakes prior to the election for president. And, oh dear, ask Pele what he thinks about ex-president Havelange and his son.
FIFA Media Advisory - 2 February 1998: referring to the referees for WC98
France 98 : Live News Updates From the 1998 Soccer World Cup Events: started during the World Cup and continues on.
Latest World Cup 98 News: Electronic Telegraph link to the World Cup: UK based
World Cup - Soccernet: Sportsline USA: archived
World Cup Soccer - France 98 - Coupe du Monde: official French
1998 CONCACAF Gold Cup competition: archived statistics
FIFA Confederation News - 1997 Copa America: archived statistics

General sites:

Final Whistle Major competitions
Claus Vaske - Archiv der Fußballerzitate Very similar pages to the "quotes" for english duffers
Dragon Sports Inc. Soccer Central A links page from Maryland, USA
European Club Soccer in thirty languages
Rec.Sports.Soccer - The WEB Page  Simple links page
Soccer Home Page Very comprehensive links page
Soccer Pictures pictures tending to promote US action
TSI Soccer Women's World Cup 1999 BroadcastBooth You can reach TSN's broadcast schedule here
World Un-Famous Football Quotes Page the quotes pages, hilarious, you just have to put up with Geocities inane floating banner ads. International Soccer Soccer in the US and elsewhere from the Washington Post
WWW Soccer pages link page to Link Pages
Sky Sports Football Home Good site for general news
The Non-League Pyramid the lower echelons of British rubbish, and the higher ranks
Green Flag - Team England Premiership, etc
Yahoo! Regional:Countries:United Kingdom:Recreation and Sports:Sports:Soccer:Leagues:FA Carling Premiership Decent load of links to all things Premiership
Teams, some:
FC Barcelona Index currently on redesign
Borussia Dortmund WWW-Server Bundesliga team
Arsenal Football Club WWW page Superb team, a pity about the name of the page
F. C. Internazionale - Home Page  Calcio team
Leicester City FC - The Official Web Site. And, home of a middle of the table, middle of the country team where reside the Gang of Four
Milan AC You know where this team plays, industrial blight and beauty. The cathedral is awe inspiring, now it's been cleaned. Different from the Dom in Köln, Bundesrepublik Deutschland.
Newcastle United Football Club Geordies and the rest
Nottingham Forest Football Club never mind

European Leagues 

Lega Nazionale Professionisti Either Italian or English is available choice. L' Italia del CALCIO  Italian League, basically in Italian. German Bundesliga results:in English for us language challenged yobs of doubtful parentage. Norwegian football Very tall and dignified with nose guards and a long ball and Odin up their sleeves.

VITRUVIA.JPG (101665 bytes)

The Ideal Soccer Player? Only Da Vinci would know.

Newspapers (not soccer but a source, oftentimes, of relevant information)

Reuters: The Business of Information   Often busy, but, this is Reuters, after all
AJR/NewsLink American Journalism Review, plus lists of newspaper links
Die Welt - Titelseite Good for sport in Deutschland
Accufind combines several search engines for infograb
Le Monde - Bienvenue sur Le Monde Non parler anglais?
New Zealand News: The Press On-Line Antipodean attitude
PointCast, Inc - Front Door. Well, it says all news all-the-time
Pulitzer Prizes 80 years of Pulitzer prize winners
ZA@PLAY   South African entertainment
North American News (ditto)
Birmingham Post Herald - A Scripps Howard Newspaper from Alabama
Business in Vancouver - Overview Editorial is basically anti-labour, but is highly informative precisely because . . . .
Canada NewsWire Ltd. Like Reuters but based in the frozen country
The Globe and Mail Canada's premier national paper


Point Reyes Light Californian Pulitzer Prize Winner
Seattle Times from Washington State
Star News On-Line from Indiana
Sports in general
Canadian Sport - THE CENTRE Canadian Sport and Fitness Administration Centre
CTV Sportsnet find the broadcast of the competitor to TSN, although they are linked now by money
ESPNET SportsZone America bound
Games Domain - Games related information site  as it says
Matt's FlyFishing Page Idaho fly fishing resource
NJO: SportsFlash
Outside Online from Outside Magazine
Scottish Rugby Union
Sport BC SportLinks Every sport there is in BC
The Scottish Tiddlywinks Association Highly interesting game to play whilst partaking of a dram
Tennis  Tennis
TSN Online Basic start page to TSN
Vancouver Parks & Recreation Why your field is unavailable
Wimbledon Home Page near Wimbledon Premier Club, but uses different balls
Music of all kinds, to smooth the weary brow as you wander home wondering why you lost again.
Chicago Music Comprehensively Covered on Centerstage Chicago The home of the blues
Classical Net Home Page
Fly! Music Magazine Jazz and stuff
Internet Underground Music Archive Independent musicians Not bad Minstrel Music Network · Music CD Store Free Music Downloads, Audio Software, Hardware, Genres, News
Music Resources on the Internet Indiana University School of Music
Ray Charles: Homepage - Table of Contents The Man
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum Cleveland, Ohio
Rolling Stones Web Site the way to make money as an aging rock star
RootsWorld: Real Music Real Music basically basic music
Toots This man is the whole reason why you can't stop moving to the groove of Jamaica
Wailers Discography - Home Marley, Tosh, Livingston and the rest
Wheeze and Squeeze: Bagpipes of the World Ashley, Ashley, where art thou, Ashley
ZZ Top  Under construction? Come on, guys

Transportation to the game:


The Official Britten Motorcycle Company Web Site
PHOT_06.JPG (25703 bytes)
This man was a genius


Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Automotive:Manufacturers maybe not necessary to try the others
Aston Martin Lagonda Limited a Ford
Audi UK a Volkswagen
Audi World Beatles around the world
Automotive Web Index all cars everywhere
BCAA - Welcome to BCAA worth the money if you have a car in BC
BMW of North America, Inc.
Car and Driver good magazine
Ford UK
JagWeb - the Jaguar enthusiasts WWW-site! for Fords
Mercedes-Benz Canada
MOTORWORLD ONLINE got ya, this is motorcycles
Subaru Of America Man with a big knife
@Toyota good cars, eh, Graham?
Volvo - Home Page well, well, not your father's Volvo

Ships, Planes & Trains    The round the world race; site active only when the race is on


Freightliner Corporation Nice one  Kenworth Truck Company Nicer one  MACK TRUCKS, INC. steel plate  PETERBILT: Home Page Class pays? for guys with tight jeans

Vancouver, information for those wishing to visit or hoping for a reason to leave

City of Vancouver Home Page
Land Centre - Real Estate and Land Use Education and Information for British Columbia Urban blight
Vancouver Magazine
City of North Vancouver Home Page
City of Richmond 

This is the official photograph of the Richmond City Council of late 20th Century

Richmond_council.jpg (58474 bytes)

Top row, second from left, a wonderful man, Ken Johnston, Councillor, and soccer player, and dear friend. I need photos of my other mates from Vancouver soccer to illustrate this page for posterity. So, you lazy boys and girls, send them! Since, at the bottom of this page, we're back to soccer. He's now an MLA of the Liberal persuasion who is, is he not, in support of the labour law imbroglio, of May 2002? At the link, above, is a photo of him that I think Graham could improve. Well, given what he did below, it would be an improvement, hein?

The distortion, if you can detect it, is from the co-player whose dog this is:

Graham, you are a naughty dog lover! And, play this clip from a Vancouver News show!