Here's some of the beautiful game in pictures

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Just before Ronaldhino's free kick, apparently. So much for truth in pictures. That was on June 21st., the longest day of both Seaman's and anyone else's year.

And, it gets even weirder in this world: A prison security policeman stands with his baton at the ready Thursday while keeping an eye on transvestite prisoners in period costumes before a soccer game between Nigerian and Japanese inmates at Bangkok's Klongprem Central Prison. The game kicks off the inaugural prisoners World Cup. With pomp and pageantry rarely witnessed at a Thai jail, 100 prisoners paraded onto the small pitch hoisting flags and bearing placards of country teams Japan, Nigeria, England, Italy, France, Germany, the United States and Thailand Photo: Stephen Shaver/AFP


Sweden drew and threw them out; no wonder, hein? I've often wondered why he plays full back. Argentine panty waisters.

 these names are misspelt.

05/23/2002 A Thai model shows off a wedding dress called 'The World Cup Bride' during Wedding Fair 2002 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre in Bangkok on Thursday. The outfit will cost 49,999 baht (about $1,750 Canadian). Photo: Sakchai Lalit/ Oh, I can't believe this, I split my pants laughing.

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Here: Frank and Peter and . . . . everything's out for England

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Womens' World Cup, USA, 1999: Norway-Russia: photo David Leeds/Allsport. Ghana player, Rita Yeboah, boots the Aussie captain: photo David Leeds/Allsport

Seriously, this is the Italy v France 2000 European Final revisited: Both of these ladies were seen on the field. Who wins here?

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Pele, the King, knighted: absolutely the best player there has ever been. Closely followed by John Charles. And, there have been some brilliant players. That's why Maradona would not allow himself on the same stage when FIFA blew it and allowed two Best Players of the 20th Century. Typical Blatter ineptitude.

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Marc Overmars, Arsenal, Barcelona & Holland
....... Puskas, Pele, Eusebio, Moore, Blanchflower, Desailly, Zidane, Stoichkov, Maradona, Law, Best, Rivaldo, Baresi, Maldini, Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Dalglish, Seaman, Beckham, Cole, Yorke, Cantona, White,  ............. Gullit at the dances, pre management .......Big Clubs: ....... AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, Arsenal, Manchester United, and there must be others, over in South America .......

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Still playing after all of these years; Ian Wright, now at Celtic, under John Barnes. Well, for a while. As you know, McNeill took over after Barnes was booted out. Ian is now a commentator.

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Nou Camp, Man U win the Champion's Cup, 1999. Terry Sheringham scores. AP Photo. And, with seconds to go of time added on. Ole Gunnar Solskjær scores. SAP Photo

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Left; England kicked in the guts by Spain. Right;
Peter Beardsley, one of the unsung heroes of the English game. A true professional.

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World Cup '98 Final with Barthez, the superb French goalie, Ronaldo and Thuram

siralecferguson_125x180.jpg (11673 bytes)This is Fergie and wife after meeting Queenie at Buck House in July, '99. Photo courtesy Soccernet.


Imagine the scene: Alex Ferguson spends the morning at a gents outfitters in London's Jermyn Street being
fitted for a morning suit. He pauses briefly to purchase a buttonhole from a cheeky cockney flower-seller
- "Gawd bless yer Mr Ferguson sir, even if you are a sweaty sock and no mistake" - then dashes off in the
direction of Buckingham Palace, shouting what sounds like, "I've come all the way from the shipyards of
Govan, I dinnae want to be late now" as he leaps into a black cab.

Yes, today the lowly old commoner kept his date to meet the Queen. You may remember that some months ago
'Mr' Ferguson's football team had a fair run of results, and as a reward Tony Blair - in a move that once
more emphasised the prime ministers' opposition to populist gestures - mentioned to Her Maj that the
Fergster deserved some recognition (he being short of a medals, obviously).

With Fergie already a Commander of the British Empire (CBE), Order of the Track Coat (OTC) and Keeper of
the Sacred Stopwatch (KSS), the Queen decided on a knighthood, and today did the deed. Dubbing away
merrily with the sword of investiture, she declared, "Arise Sir Alex". "No thanks ma'am, Mr Edwards just
gave me one," he almost certainly did not reply.

The Fiver for one is pleased for Sir Fergie, and is sure it won't change him. Anyway, to us he'll always
be His Imperial Majesty Lord Ferg of Trafford anyway.

Courtesy of the Fiver, subscribe at GuardianUnlimitedUK. 07/20/99

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Quelle horreur! Something wicked this way comes. Mia the Hamm.

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Before Keegan reigned Hoddle, requiescat in pace, (also spracht Eileen Drewery). Modigliani intuitively would have known that this faith healer rubbish would be wrong for the England team, as indicated by this, his portrait of female perfection, who is obviously not one of the disabled that Hoddle insulted.

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Sheringham and Gascoigne, England. In all probability, that's beer for Gazza, what? Fowler, a forward, an adolescent and an homophobe. Although, now that Heskey is in the team, which means Fowler is a year older, he has matured somewhat.

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Tony Yeboah, great goal scorer, for a time. Wasn't that his daughter bashing someone in a photo at the top of this page?

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Not the stars referred to usually, but this picture should put everything else in perspective, even if football is more important than life, eh, Shankly?