World Cup: Old and New

This is the Official Schedule for the 2002 World Cup. And here are the referees with the schedule for the first two rounds (archived list). The Globe and Mail World Cup page. The knockout second stage. First stage status at Electronic Telegraph (you need an account, but it's easy). Archived first stage(FIFA 2002 Laws at FIFA + Amendments 2001) 

Here's the FIFA World Cup, Japan/Korea, TV schedule for May, June 2002.

Ronaldo's first goal on June 30th., Yokohama, Japan. After Kahn's first error of the tournament. The Germans dominated a lot of the game, but still lost. They failed only because they lacked some of the skill of the Brasilians. The better team won. That has not always been the case in this World Cup.

The Mexican referee was poor in the Uruguay/France game. This is a typical foul that he missed, especially the following stamp on Vieira's leg. Result was 0-0, and the French team's history in this World Cup will depend on them beating Denmark by two clear goals. Not at all likely. And, on the day, they lost 0-2, even if they did hit the bar and the post, etc. Throw out Dugarry, Trezeguet, Le Bouef, Djorkaeff and others that didn't deserve to be there. Sad for the guys that tried: Desailly, Wiltord, Vieira, Petit, Lizerazu. Sorry, if

  • 06/25/2002 Hiddink puts his foot deep into his mouth as Korea go for the third place game on Saturday, as Deutschland go to the final, courtesy of Ballack, again.
  • And der Kaiser reckons England are too soft! Sehr richtig, mein Herr!
  • 06/23/2002 Flying the flag and a tale about someone from Perugia, and the ineffable Mick.
  • 06/23/2002 Surprise, surprise, referees under fire. FIFA accept some problems have arisen! 06/22/2002 And now Korea is in, with another disgusted manager, this time from Spain. And Turkey beats Senegal with a golden goal. What a tournament. Next time, please obtain adequate officials, do not play too early, supposedly this time to escape the rains, so that the players have a month to rest, and kick Blatter out before he can do any more damage. Anyone who watched the Spain/Korea game and heard the commentators knows that Spain actually won the game in extra time, even if you deny the goal that no one except the referee would deny. There simply wasn't a foul to call. In extra time, the positioning of the Assistant Referee for the supposed ball out of play was not, repeat not, correct. He was a yard or more away from the goal line. Furthermore, what were the two legs with black stockings attached to when the Korean goalie moved from the line for the fourth and deciding Spanish penalty kick? What was the referee and his assistant thinking? This was a blatant case for a re-kick. Fear paramount?
  • 06/22/2002 And the English have been praised!!
  • 06/22/2002 But Germany hasn't, especially by Der Kaiser and he has mentioned that the USA deserved a penalty. Good for him! Another vote for Beckenbauer for FIFA President, eh?

If you don't know why this photo is worth a thousand words, you are not a soccer fan. The right hand photo indicates the following that was there. A total mass of chanting, red shirted supporters. Hiddink and Trapattoni, their views: the Roma riots, the shirt pulling that never stopped all game, but an early penalty for the same thing never caused it to stop. And that was never an ejection. The poor guy fell, and that was a fact, even if it was not a penalty. But, Vieri missed a sitter, didn't he?



Brazil swagger and stagger. Pathetic: Rivaldo after being struck by the ball on the legs (Allsport). Thankfully, he was fined 4,500 GBP, plus costs. I have not heard if the perpetrator, he of the leg swinging variety, had his red card annulled or reduced to a warning. Well, of course not, because it was Hakan Unsal's deserved second yellow. Forgot about the yellow he received earlier.

Ronaldo was on back target as Brazil mustered a little samba-style in Ulsan for a 2-1 victory over Turkey in their Group C opener on Monday. But few fans of the 'Beautiful Game' would have appreciated the injury-time antics of Rivaldo, whose comical writhing helped ensure Hakan Unsal became the second Turk to be red-carded. The following links may or may not work:

Rivaldo defends play-acting | Gunes disgust
Group C: Brazil | China | Costa Rica | Turkey
Vieri stars for Italy | Trap satisfied | Stats
Group G: Croatia | Ecuador | Italy | Mexico


How England reached the World Cup: Scholes, Gerrard, Ashley Cole, Neville, Barmby and Ferdinand were useless. Keown and Heskey were better. In fact, Heskey ran his heart out. Martyn was good in goal, stopping two complete breakaways, except that his punting was debatable. Fowler didn't show, but he never had service, even from Heskey. In the end it was Sheringham, ten seconds on, that nodded in the first. Greece were a good side, like Albania they could pass and defend. The goalie, Antonios Nikopolidis was excellent. If he needs a better club, he doesn't need to advertise, not after this game. Only Beckham's swerve at the death, really defeated him: As it would have every other net minder. Wembley: the important moments, from the Telegraph, and not just football. 

Well, now. The English team scraped through, primarily because Beckham scored on the sixth of his free kicks in the second minute of time added on. And, Deutschland failed, because the Fins defended and Bierhof couldn't score on three easy chances. And the post and bar were struck many times. So, Deutschland play the Ukraine home and away in November. And they eventually became losing finalists!!

Women's World Cup in the USA, June, July, '99: FIFA page They said it would be really friendly!! Congratulations to the USA as winners, and to the Chinese, as silver medalists, who were technically excellent. And, to Brandi Chastain, who has done Nike a great favour. Boys, wouldn't you like her stomach definition? Abs to the technical amongst us. Then you could wear the OT3 Royals spare shirts. Insider joke, No 1.

Grab 1999 Women's World Cup info at the Canadian Association for Women and Sport. The players have been recarded, after an CSA charade, for the upcoming 2000 season.

Spain's World Cup, 1982, July 8th., Quarter Final BRD v France. 

In Seville, France, boasting Michel Platini, Alain Giresse and Dominique Rocheteau in a dynamic attacking system, led 3-1 in extra-time before German substitute Karl-Heinz Rummenigge swung the match. He tapped in for 3-2 and then Klaus Fischer equalised.

Schumacher was the West Germans' hero in the penalty shootout, but he should not have even been on the pitch. For it was the horrendous incident in the 57th-minute of this match that overshadowed all that came after. Patrick Battiston came on in the 52nd minute. He left in the 62nd. So say the records, cold as they may be.

With the score at 1-1, Schumacher charged out of his goal towards Frenchman Patrick Battiston, racing onto a through ball from Platini. Schumacher's forearm connected with Battiston's face, removing two teeth and knocking him unconscious to the ground. It later emerged that the Frenchman's neck was fractured but, incredibly, Schumacher was allowed to stay on the pitch to defy France in the shootout. The referee gave a goal kick, because Schumacher had made no contact with the ball. Oh, really, so what? The left hand top photograph shows Schumacher in mid-air, outside his area, full bore into Battiston. The right hand photo reveals his total lack of concern. This may have been twenty years ago, but it remains glued in the memory of anyone who witnessed this atrocity. Everyone except the referee, presumably, who happened to be Charles Corver, of Holland.

George Cohen, father of the RWC hero, is shown here being stopped by Sir Alf Ramsey from swapping shirts with an Argentine player after the usual refereeing idiocy in preventing WWIII between these two otherwise friendly nations, forgetting Thatcher's brainstorm.